Youtuber of the Week | 8.0 Week 40

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    Youtuber of the Week | 8.0 Week 40
    Many weeks into Gontrollers 8th Map and bases are starting to reach an impressive level of creation, both defence and design wise. Factions making lots of money, impressive builds, grinders and farms. In this video @Bloom takes us on a tour around hoarders base (Note: This is from before @Afro_bear99 began his hunt for a free optifine cape!) giving us a quick-stop tour of their rooms, grinders and farms.

    @Lepax246 takes to YouTube in the most evil of ways!

    You can also check out Danishmans latest video. During the intro of which he destroys a beautiful piece of artwork.

    We also cannot forget @Danishman222, @rtr @Syed and @Dat_fatass with their ongoing series be sure to like, watch and subscribe to them all

    The YouTuber tag is awarded to those active and regular Youtubers who are working hard to produce awesome, consistent content for Gontroller players, the videos are not always polished but they’re always looking to improve! To have a chance to have your videos promoted simply post them in the MINECRAFT MEDIA section on the forums! You can find out more information HERE
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by 1092CQ, Aug 17, 2015.

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