Youtuber of the Week | 8.0 Week 39

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    Youtuber of the Week | 8.0 Week 39

    With a great 2 weeks of Mojangs servers being down (and occasionally up!) we've had some great videos and lots of frustration! Sadly the much loved Faction news series by @Syed is currently on hold due to some issues with YouTube and video removal. Hopefully they'll be resolved soon.

    For those of you who have perhaps always liked the idea of recording YouTube videos but are restricted by hardware limitations perhaps Bestles recent giveaway announcement is for you. You can find out more at

    For this weeks video we have @Bombers he has been posting some great videos lately both a mixture of PVP Montages and chaotic Factions gameplay (And some very strange fights in the thread comments), here we have to nice PVP Montage videos. One of them as a 400 subscriber special. Any tips or advice for improving his videos in the future would, I'm sure be very much appreciated!

    We also have @Bloom continuing his useful "How to PVP series" HERE and @Ganderson0 returns with his clear and useful Minecraft Tutorial series' HERE (Would love to see some more base-building/Faction specific content!)

    We also cannot forget @Danishman222, @rtr @Syed and @Dat_fatass with their ongoing series be sure to like, watch and subscribe to them all

    The YouTuber tag is awarded to those active and regular Youtubers who are working hard to produce awesome, consistent content for Gontroller players, the videos are not always polished but they’re always looking to improve! To have a chance to have your videos promoted simply post them in the MINECRAFT MEDIA section on the forums! You can find out more information HERE
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by 1092CQ, Jul 27, 2015.

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