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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bestle, Dec 17, 2015.

By Bestle on Dec 17, 2015 at 2:59 PM
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    Dec 22, 2012
    This announcement post is long overdue, and for that, I can only apologise.

    Before we get into things I would firstly like to state that there are absolutely no plans to completely shut down Gontroller. I have always said that as long as people are still playing (no matter how few) we will absolutely do our best to keep the server online.

    Gontroller has been a massive part of my life over the past 3 and a half years and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, the community, to create a high quality server that provided hours and hours of entertianment and enjoyment. A ton of mistakes were made along the way, but there really is no better feeling than seeing people have fun on something you helped to create.

    As I am sure you aware, my activity in the past few months plummeted. My once glowing enthusiasm dwindled and I needed to take a break.

    It is no secret that I am currently working on a new server, which I hope will one day surpass the success Gontroller once saw. I know some of you will be dissapointed that my efforts are not being focused on revitalising Gontroller, but there are many reasons that it has to be this way. A big rethink and fresh ideas are going to be required to bring the fun back to Faction's.

    Gontroller is unfortunately going to be in a bit of a limbo state for a while whilst I focus my efforts on the new project. Whilst we would love to bring someone else in to run the server, we would hate to see them try and milk the community we created for a quick buck and then dissapear after only a few months. Skeggs is (finally :D) learning to code so there is always the option of him taking over that side of things in the near future.

    Whilst this isn't a goodbye, I would just like to extend a massive thank you to the staff team, old and new. Without them Gontroller wouldn't have succeeded in the way that it did.

    I'm sure there are a lot of questions you want answering, so I will do what I can to answer them.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bestle, Dec 17, 2015.

    1. Slime_maker408.
    2. THExMist
      Finally posted the announcement i see xD
      But I'm sure a popular question will be this, what kind of server will the new server be?
      Also, whether you can answer this or not, I can imagine another popular question would be as to when the new server would be online. (A general time of course)
    3. Bestle
      It will be Faction's of some description and there is no ETA yet.

      I don't want this to turn into a big advertisement for the new server as that wouldn't be right so try and keep questions Gontroller related ;)
    4. THExMist
      No Towny?
      Blasphemy! Blasphemy I say!
    5. RoyalHistoryIV
    6. Tigersleep
      ok so the players havnt made the server into what it is? i dont really think royalhistory or Ianbuchnanana have done anything to the server thats good ;x
    7. Bestle
      Both servers will exist and it will be entirely separate from Gontroller.
    8. Bestle
      Maybe you missed this bit.

      "I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, the community, to create a high quality server"
    9. themanichanml
      So basically, you're opening a new server instead of resetting ranks?
    10. Thursting
      Is there anyway players can help at all towards this "new project" ?

      Also, why are you making a completely new faction server when there is already an existing community here at gontroller you can build on? Does this mean our ranks on here will mean nothing on this new server you are creating? :/
      Last edited: Dec 17, 2015
    11. Trav
      is gontroller still going to reset
    12. Bestle
      Because I am working with somebody else who currently has no involvement with Gontroller so it just wouldn't work.
    13. iSimplyDontLag
      where did the name 'gontroller' come from?
    14. Barney
      New experience, (hopefully) less toxic community, hoping for the best.
    15. LiimoLiime
      It wasn't toxic from the beginning :p
    16. MattiasLand12
      I Would like to know the same as Amit just asked... Since gontroller is ending now(or whatever you should call it) what is the orgin of the name "gontroller"?
    17. Barney
      In the beginning it wasn't yeah, but now it's beyond fun.
    18. evilaim
      #evilaim4sysop! haha. Just unban everyone! reset the map and lets have a cluster fuck for the last map! :D I'd come back for a little while if everyone was unbanned.
    19. Bananafarm_
      Fucking weeaboo fucktard shoot yourself with a paintball gun and get hit off the cannon platform

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