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    It's crazy to think that it has been 5 months since the last map reset and the launch of 4.0, to me it truly feels like it was yesterday! Whilst 5 months is still a relatively long lifespan for a Factions Minecraft map, mistakes in the beginning have meant that the map has aged a little quicker than usual. We have also been eager to make some drastic changes, mainly regarding those evil buffers, which cannot realistically be made without a complete map reset.

    A new map is also going to allow us to make important changes to the games economy by balancing the various methods players can use to obtain wealth. Right now it is way too easy to obtain money through the use of cow grinders so this is something that will definitely be receiving a nerf. By tweaking various shop prices, we also hope to introduce new ways to make a healthy income ingame.


    In 4.0 we decided to use completely custom terrain to give our server a unique and fresh experience. Unfortunately due to my unfamiliarity with the plugin used, 'ore biomes' were introduced into the map which literally contained thousands of ores per chunk. Although the ores were removed within a couple of days, the damage to the ore economy had been done and diamond/emerald/gold/iron selling was removed from the shop. I have gone through each individual biome config and tweaked the ore rates to be much more like vanilla.

    Spawn on the new map is no longer surrounded by water, instead it is surrounded by savannah and then thick jungle further out. We have also increased the proportion of 'flat' land massively to make base building that little bit easier.

    Some of the more unpopular biomes have been replaced in favour of some brand new ones that will further add to the variation. The new map has a square border set from 0,0 of 12500 blocks.

    A birds-eye view of the new map:



    One of the major problems that became apparent towards the end of map 3 and has been with us all throughout map 4 is the use of buffers. These huge buffers of 'alt' accounts (in reality, mostly stolen accounts) allow Factions to put an unreasonable amount of distance between where their valuables are and where you can actually cannon from. Whilst we do appreciate that some distance is invaluable when protecting your base against some of the more advanced cannons around, this protection must be limited.

    Map 5 is our opportunity to address the problem in a way that we hope pleases everybody. We will be enforcing a maximum buffer size of 20 chunks (320 blocks). Some may argue that this is too low and others will argue that it is still too high, but I think it achieves the best balance. Remember, not everyone has a ton of friends / alts available to load chunks for cannoning, and I see no reason why small Factions should be limited to the bases they can raid.

    We hope that this limit will make raiding much viable and hope that it will encourage Factions to invest more time in creating base defences that can withstand attacks from a shorter distance.

    Reporting of illegal buffers will be handled ingame by a new plugin I have developed.

    To report an illegal buffer you type: /report buffer [factionname]

    The report will automatically contain your coordinates, so make sure you are standing somewhere near the offending buffer at the time of filing. Staff will be notified of your report and will be able to tp directly to the report location for investigation.

    A view of what the staff see:


    Reports are set to automatically expire after four hours and staff will try their best to investigate each report as quickly as possible.

    If a Faction is found to be using an illegal buffer, it will first be force unclaimed by staff. Repeat offences will be dealt with harshly and will include lengthy temp bans of the Faction leaders and officers and even disbanding of entire Factions.

    Obviously some of you are probably going to try and bend the rules a bit when it comes to what the definition of a buffer is, but staff will have the final say. If you are not sure whether your claims would be considered as a buffer, do not hesitate to ask. Generally though, any chunks claimed which do not form part of your base, and act only to put distance between your valuables and wilderness will be considered as buffer.

    1V1 ARENAS


    In 5.0 we will be launching 1v1 arenas that will allow players to fight each other 'Mano-a-mano' in an undisturbed environment. Players will be able to either challenge others to a 1v1 duel, which can even include wagers, or join the matchmaking queue which will pair you up with random similarly skilled opponents.

    At launch there will be eight 1v1 arenas, each completely unique and with varying themes, obstacles and terrain. The arenas were designed and built by staff (both present and old) and we hope that you will enjoy PvP'ing in them :)

    When fighting in the 1v1 arenas each player will be provided with a kit and McMMO abilities will be completely disabled. This will allow players to fight it out in the fairest way possible whilst still retaining the Gontroller PvP mechanics such as tweaked potions and armour.


    One of the popular features of old which was excluded from map 4 is the Legendary Items. These items were not only awesome with their insane enchantments but also served as important 'rares' in the economy.

    This map will see the return of Legendary Items, and the five different types available are detailed below:

    Legendary Sword

    Legendary Bow

    Legendary Axe

    Legendary Pickaxe

    Legendary Spade

    At the start of the map, ten of each type of Legendary Item will be hidden around the map and these will be the only Legendary Items available ever. Some also say that Bestle's hoe and the Legendary rod of 1092CQ are also hidden out there somewhere. A few of these items may be placed in plain sight, whilst others will only be found by exploring the deepest parts of the map. The items will not be hidden in chests, but I won't be revealing exactly how they are placed in the map, as this will be something for you to discover ;)


    There has recently been a sharp decline in the number of active staff on the server. This is due to the amount of demotions and various voluntary leaves of absence.

    Instead of using the helper application forms to recruit new staff, our current staff have hand picked those who they think would be suitable for the role.

    The following players were selected to become helpers:
    • Racattacks
    • Delta_Trooper (will be completely on a trial basis, I realise this may not go down too well...)
    • xGG_Alex
    • LegendaryKayora

    Things that will reset:
    • The map
    • Contents of your enderchest
    • Contents of your backpack
    • Contents of your inventory
    • Gontroller Tokens balance
    • Money balance
    Things that will NOT reset:
    • Your rank (Including staff & donator ranks)
    • Access to special effects such as clouds
    • Access to /backpack and the rows you have
    • mcMMO stats
    • Factions and their members
    • Any powerboost won through voting
    • Any boost in amount of allowed /sethomes
    • Access to special kits such as /kit august or /kit february
    • Bans
    • Your current vote total
    As always, we will be reimbursing the cash and tokens included with all of our purchasable ranks once you log into the new map.

    Any purchases of cash, tokens and creeper eggs purchased within the 28 days before the reset day will also be reimbursed. This may take a little longer than the rank items to receive, but shouldn't take longer than a week.


    The new map has already been completely generated and we will be porting the games world (containing the mob arenas / pvp arena / redstone academy) directly over to the new map. In addition to our four existing mob arenas, we will also be adding a couple more player designed and built arenas to add to the variety.

    Our current spawn will be tweaked not only with cosmetic improvements, but also with changes to enable easier navigation to each of the key areas. I also plan to shut off some of the exits to focus spawn PvP in one area, rather than being spread all around the spawn.

    Barring any major unforeseen circumstances, we hope to launch the new map on Friday March 7th at 11:59pm GMT, and hope that you are all looking forward to it!

    Your vote count for this month will not reset and by reaching 15 votes before the map reset, you will have two hours on the server before anyone else. The rewards next month:


    By the time you can reach 50 votes the map will have reset, so it will be a very nice bonus! :)

    PS: Expect plenty of lag and crashing on launch day (Though we have at least fully generated the map! :D)
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