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  1. set_upS1CK

    set_upS1CK Active Member

    Jun 13, 2013
    Minecraft Username: SetupS1CK

    Past Usernames: setupS1CK

    Age: 16

    Timezone: Central Time Zone

    Time usually spent on the server: 5 hours +

    What would make them a good helper:
    Hello, my name is SetupS1CK! To start off this app I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I came about this thread. I first started Gontroller in map 3.0 as it was nearing its end and was about to start the well anticipated map 4.0! As I started meeting new people and became a little more known, I started becoming more active by playing 4-6 hours to whoever knows how long now. I decided that when I became more active that I would manage a good reputation, as I believe that is a vital part of being a good player that supports his loved community. When I saw that the amount of new players that joined the server was rapidly increasing, I took the role of helping those new players out in any way I could. Being a helpful and trustworthy person is just something that comes to me naturally. Some reasons that I am so trusted is that I have never scammed or betrayed on Gontroller, or any server that I have ever played for that matter. I came across this thread reading "Helper Applications are now open!" that was posted by Bestle , which instantly intrigued me and filled me with the question as to whether I should apply or not.

    I think I would be a great helper because I could bring many unique qualities to the table when it comes to managing Gontroller. For one, I am very familiar with the community as well as the commands used which could help out tons when it comes to answering questions asked by players. Secondly, I believe a big part of a server being great is the community that plays it. By this I mean that the players are cooperative and have faith in the server moderators to lead the server in the right direction. As any player that's been playing Gontroller for as long as I have, I just want to see Gontroller be at the maximum potential it can achieve and I can help reach that goal by being a Helper.

    The tag "Helper" means a lot to me. For one, it signifies that the player can be trusted with running the server, which is a huge and arduous task that I am up for. The tag not only means trust, but it also means that you are to help players, as the position suggests. Sometimes the Helpers, Mods, or Admins are just too busy to help players asking for help whilst handling other problems because of the low-set amount of helpers that actively play, which is why I assume you are currently recruiting Helpers. If I were to be a helper, I would focus my time on helping player in activities such as being a middleman, checking links, and monitoring chat. Another reason I would be a gratifying Helper is that I already know and have a relationship with some Helpers which would help us better cooperate. I already have tons of experience as a leader because I have been the leader of the successful faction CodeRed since the beginning of map 4, and this has taught me many valuable lessons that would help me lead this server. If you were to accept me as a Helper, I would never let anything get in front of my Helper duties.

    I realize that you must read a vast amount of applications, but I hope my application stood out as I put a massive amount of effort into this application. Thank you very much for reading my application, I hope it will help persuade you that I would be an honorable helper that will help lead Gontroller with a great amount of satisfaction. Again, thank you for reading my application, and please consider accepting me as a Helper for I would do everything in my being to be a great one!

    -Yours truly
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