An updated reminder on account Security.

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    ------- Security Layer -------

    For an additional layer of Security (Gontroller only) You can purchase a security layer HERE
    The security layer gives you a private security key (You pick) that limits how your account can connect to the server. You will ONLY be able to join Gontroller using this unique security login (<key> keep it secret and even with your full account info they will not be able to join Gontroller.

    ------- Passwords -------

    Almost everything we connect to and use these require the use of private passwords to allow the user access, these passwords are independent to each user and MUST be kept private.
    A strong and secure password is vital, when deciding upon a password a few key points to remember:
    - Avoid using dictionary words, they're easily obtainable using automated methods.
    - Use both a mixture of Numbers/Letters
    - Keep your password as long as possible.
    - Avoid using the same password for different accounts​ is a great resource for generating secure passwords, however I would always recommend creating them yourself.

    If you find it a struggle to manage multiple passwords I highly recommend the use of one of the following password managers: or (both offer free and premium versions)

    These help manage all your connected accounts with varying passwords in a simplified way. However, manual will always be best when it comes to privacy.​

    ------- Email-------

    When creating an email account, DO NOT use the same name as your Minecraft account and most importantly, keep it unknown. If your account is migrated, it would be impossible for anyone to access your account without knowing the email first.

    - Two-Step-Verification.
    Many email providers offer the option of two-step-verification, this is an additional security measure, which when setup will send a verification code to your Phone or a 2Step verification Phone App which you would be required to enter before being allowed access to the account, even with the email and password they would be unable to ever gain access.

    ------- Minecraft-------
    The most vital security measure for any Minecraft account is to have the account Migrated ( this requires the user to login with an email address login rather than just the minecraft name alone (Newer Minecraft accounts are required to do this upon account creation)

    - Security Questions:
    With your Mojang account is it important that you set a number of security questions, with which the answers will be something you will be able to remember if given the need but will NOT be something anyone else can easily predict/guess. This my prove a vital element in account recovery if you ever find yourself in a situation which requires it.​

    ------- DDoS / IP Protection-------

    DDoSing in the process of disrupting a person's internet connection by overloading it with information/data. This is easy to avoid by preventing users from gaining access to your IP address. Do not join random Minecraft/Teamspeak servers, do not give out your Skype to people you do not know.

    Read here for more information regarding Skype:​

    If you are dealing with issues regarding DDoS, turn off your internet router overnight and you should be given a new, refreshed IP. Failing this, contact your internet provider.​

    ------- General security -------
    - NEVER download any unknown file.​

    - NEVER click any unknown link (you will not get a free cape, just lose your account!)​

    - NEVER give out your password or email information to others or unknown sites.​


    I hope these tips may help some of you keep your Minecraft and general account security a little more secure. If you have any additional tips that you think I should add to this page, drop me a private message.

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