Welcome to Gontroller PvP

Welcome to Gontroller PvP and thank you for taking the time to check out our server! This page hopes to give you a brief introduction to some of the features and gameplay opportunities available on Gontroller, however the only way to truly experience everything Gontroller has to offer is to log in and play!

Here at Gontroller we welcome absolutely everyone (no cheaters of course) to come and play on the server. We have no whitelist so jumping into our community is as easy as it can be.

To connect to our server all you need to do is either add our server to your multiplayer server list entering "pvp.gontroller.com" into the server address box, or use direct connect.

We also encourage you to become a member of our forums (don't worry, we wont ever send you spam emails) by clicking on the sign up button at the top-right of this page. Our forums allow you to search for Factions to join, ask for help, report cheaters and plenty more!

Our server runs an absolute boat load of plugins (79 at the time of writing!) some of which you will recognize and others completely custom and unique to our server. One of our main priorities here is listening to player suggestions and many of our highest rated features have come directly from those suggestions.

Some highlight features include...

Emerald Loot Chests

Locate the hidden Key Holder dungeon where you can battle against heavily armored Key Holder's in the hope of obtaining part of the elusive Emerald Key. After obtaining both the loop and teeth part of the key they can be combined to form a key capable of unlocking a hidden chest in spawn!

Upon unlocking the Emerald Chest, you will always be granted with $50,000 ingame money. The chest will also contain anything from diamonds to enchanted armor and even beacons! You may even get really lucky and get a monster spawner.

Last Man Standing

Pit your PvP skills against up to 40 other players in our hectic and incredibly fun Last Man Standing events. You can take part by typing /lms join or spectate an already running match by typing /lms spectate. The winner is decided by the last player alive or the player who did the most damage if the time limit runs out. The winner is awarded the total of the entry fees from all participating players so you could win up to $40,000!

Slot Machines

Obtain slot machine coins either by buying them ingame or by voting for our server. You can then use these slot coins at /slots where you can win massive jackpots and even monster spawners!

Jun 28, 2015
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