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YouTuber of the week!
This week I decided to pick Kayora / InBloomPK a YouTuber who always puts a little more into his PVP videos than most and spends time thinking about what would make a both cinematically-pleasing video and includes a great POV of the content that he produces. Whilst the intro was a little long for my personal liking, its great to see someone considering all elements taking it a level above a generic cut and slice PVP Video.​
And of course, a huge congratulations to Danishman222 for reaching 1000 YouTube Subscribers. A great achievement, more than earned through your regular and high-quality videos. Fantastically put together as always.​

(whilst I usually would have posted this yesterday and Danishman would have been a little late, its more than fitting that he receives the tag to celebrate reaching 1k subs!) ​
A special mention to Dat_fatass for his great use of cake in creeper-grinder building!​

If Bloom and Danishman can contact to let me know which accounts they would like the Tag on that would be awesome!​

YouTuber of the week!
I know, I know! Its been delayed but its finally here, the newest edition of Gontrollers YouTuber of the week. Sadly both halloween and the annual celebration of me getting older came together in a terrible mess of scheduling giving me little time to watch any of the uploaded videos. For that I apologise!​
For this week(s) we have two very pvp-focused videos. The first by msol789 / ShunnedPVP taking on players outside of the spawn areas. I'm not usually one to watch or enjoy PVP-specific videos, but the pacing, the music and the range of fights included made it an enjoyable watch.​
The second is DesiredPvP taking on a number of 1v1 arena fights with a nice commentary of tactics and methods he uses during PVP. He takes a while to get into the actual fights (Skip to 5:00!) starting off talking about scheduling delays (I guess its very apt for this week)​
If both players can contact me (Inbox -> Start new conversation) with the IGN of the accounts that they wish to be rewarded the YouTuber tag on that would be great!
Congratulations to those that won the various LMS events last night, we'll be looking to host a few more soon so keep an eye out!​

Note: If due to scheduling issues I am unable to post the winners of YouTuber of the week I shall make sure its posted bi-weekly.

Just a brief thread to let you know that we have a 25% Halloween sale on our store until Monday to celebrate the occasion.

Our Halloween themed maze where you can use your keys obtained from voting will be added soon and we look forward to the LMS events on Sunday :)

Hope you all have a good Halloween, don't do anything too crazy ;)

Last Man Standing | Dungeon Labyrinth

You all seemed to love the addition of THExMist maze's at /maze1 and /maze2 but for me, there was always missing something. A true labyrinth, a tri-wizard level maze and something with danger at every corner that not only required one to find their way through the maze itself but battle both players and monsters as they explore.

When: Sunday 2nd November!
To enter you need to make sure you reach at least 50 votes this month!

How it will run:

When you join the arena, you will be randomly teleported to one of the four corners, from there you will have a 30 second period where PVP will be disabled allowing for everyone to have a chance to spread out and prepare for battle. Unlike previous LMS battles where players provided their own items, this time around all items will be provided to you upon joining the arena.

Kit contents:
  • 1x set of diamond protection IV unbreaking III
  • 1x sharpness V diamond sword
  • 2x strength II potion
  • 2x speed II potion
  • 1x regen 2:00 potion
  • 32 cooked steak
  • 1 super golden apple
  • Splash health potions

Hidden throughout the labyrinth will be various items, which for those who take the time to find and explore will give a slight advantage, so exploring is encouraged, you'll not find any additional perks just hiding in the corner!

Additional rules:
  • All commands will be disabled, no using backpacks, kits or Enderchests.
  • Once the battle has begun, you will not be able to enter the arena and the only way out is through death or killing all competition.
  • Players will...

YouTuber of the week!

Hi im Carl and welcome to the 23rd week of Gontrollers YouTuber of the week. Today I posted it on time so I don't have to pretend to have a reason for being late!​
This weeks video is something a little different, whilst we all know I am clearly the best PVPer on Gontroller, there are many little, hidden and unknown mechanics within Minecraft that a lot of people are entirely unaware of. Many of these are often vital factors that play a huge part in the success of any Minecraft player. Such as the difference between Fire Aspect levels, the advantage of Critical hits..etc.​
iSyed takes on the challenge of exploring and explaining a number of these factors in his new series. "PVP IN DEPTH"​
Its a new series so be sure to take a look and give Syed any feedback on how to improve or what you would like for him to include in future videos. Hopefully you all find something new and interesting within his videos and maybe one day you'll be just as good a pvper as me! ;)

YouTuber of the week!

A day late again, but as long as nobody notices its fine! Apologies for the delay once again, I've been busy downloading, exporting, importing, uploading and setting up all the Mob Arena build submissions. Winners should be announced soon!

Two winners again this week, both videos a little longer than what I woud usually enjoy but both notable events that happened on the server.

The first iSyed takes on wolfywolfypower and her Mob-Arena challenge, outlasting all other competators whilst having to deal with the dreaded Juck97 and his Kit-Kat commentary. A little diffrent to his usual strange Montage videos but a great way to show himself taking on the AlienPlanet Mob Arena.

The second xAlxBry and a number of Gontroller players take up iSimplyDontLag challenge to battle Mineage players in an organised 10 v 10 fight!

Both will be rewarded with their in-game tags shortly!
Remember to keep uploading great videos, if there is anything that stands out and you feel should be considered for the YouTube of the week winner simply tag me in the thread and let me know why you like it so much!​
For a chance to win a $100 buycraft voucher take a look HERE
And for another video-based competition by Juck97 take a look HERE
Good luck...​

Recently, as I'm sure you've seen we were able to obtain the Gontroller Twitter account. (Thanks to​

We'll be using this account to post updates, news and all other server-related information in a way easily accessible to players. This will be the place to find out about any immediate server issues and all updates as they happen. The account will be primarily run by myself and Bestle with other staff having access when necessary.​
To help push this we'll be running a $100 buycraft giveaway to one randomly picked Twitter follower so be sure to follow​
To enter: Simply follow the Twitter and tweet to @ Gontroller (Without the space!) and you're in!​

The winner will be picked randomly from the list of Gontroller players following us on Twitter on Thursday 16th and sent to the user through a Twitter DM.​
Thank you once again for everyone that supported us this month by voting for us on the various voting websites, it really is appreciated and your efforts certainly do not go unrewarded :)

Top 500 voters:

1. eulaenforcer - 155
2. gideoncahill - 155
3. 1092cq - 154
4. bahamas99 - 154
5. hackdetector - 154
6. gandahlf - 153
7. deadlysr - 152
8. maxminetimeyt - 151
9. dollazb - 150
10. iinoodle - 150
11. motulde - 148
12. _josh_harris_ - 147
13. optic_vithu - 145
14. zandrew3 - 145
15. jamma986 - 144
16. rewarding_basher - 143
17. iiquickreflexx - 142
18. hostilehunter - 141
19. mtwd_craft - 141
20. thexmist - 141
21. abboo_ - 140
22. anc708 - 140
23. banjoc - 140
24. bolts19 - 140
25. codey5656 - 140
26. deadcoal - 140
27. edry2omer - 140
28. swagmasterxl - 140
29. thepussinator - 140
30. travoy - 140
31. xradiant_ - 140
32. xxryanpwndyouxx - 140
33. demonic574 - 138
34. isyed - 137
35. darioneitorr - 135
36. kinz0999 - 135
37. blackfatrat - 134
38. hitzzz_ - 134
39. scotty54 - 134
40. lanarc246 - 133
41. xkillahk - 133
42. cripe246 - 132
43. deathyy89 - 132
44. superjek2 - 132
45. dilann97 - 131
46. jamieyates14 - 131
47. just_in1997 - 131
48. crypticflamez - 130
49. do0ch - 130
50. hugetrousers - 130
51. jayt65 - 130
52. reconman66 - 130
53. trivium124 - 130
54. __kman - 130
55. baesysm8 - 129
56. ballers4life - 129
57. bargarn1 - 129
58. brandondao - 129
59. cephyrian - 129
60. gold_n_silver - 129
61. rabeena - 129
62. rayn3 - 129
63. stickynuby - 129
64. brodie_1997 - 128
65. fakeagent - 128
66. itzdram - 128
67. jaco5582 - 128
68. kycrafft - 128
69. mmurchie859 - 128
70. thejush1 - 128
71. alexulp123 - 127
72. astrangeland - 127
73. bjarkekh007 - 127
74. chaddersl4d - 127
75. deadly_pegasus - 127
76. george__allan - 127
77. isimplydontlag - 127
78. je_suis_simcha - 127
79. jkdfoi46 - 127
80. joebarteam74 - 127
81. random_skitscape - 127
82. redstar636 - 127
83. sirhazzy - 127
84. soccershadow - 127
85. asiannerdfn_ - 126
86. benonduty - 126
The votes are in and I am proud to announce the following as winners of our annual community awards!

Best Streamer
  • KingTundra
Best YouTuber
  • Itryhardy
Most dedicated
  • 1092CQ
Best cannoner
  • Leinadarcher
Best newcomer
  • Themanichanml
Most helpful
  • SadisticLemons
Best moneymaker
  • Gandahlf
Best VIP
  • Ianbuchanan
Best PvPer
  • TzR_Chaos
All of the above will soon be receiving a special AW14 tag ingame to show off their awesomeness and also a prize of some sort :)

If there any disputes about any of the above winners, or you have evidence of any of the above bribing or cheating their way to a win they please do get in touch.

The MobArena's submitted are currently being checked out and tested and I hope to also have the results for that competition fairly soon. A *ton* of great arenas were submitted and we want to be thorough!
YouTuber of the week!

I know, I know... a day late but I have a good reason, honest! (Just dont ask what it is) Sorry for the delay.

This week I has had a lot of great possibilities for the YouTuber of the week, clearly the video of Beingsad and BarneyHD singing to the players on Teamspeak was a highlight but I'm not sure thats quite what we're looking for.

This week I've picked Danishman222 who released both Episodes 9 and 10 of his Gontroller series. Episide 9 he takes a look back through all his homes exploring both the map and his progress so far whilst talking about how he found himself in Factions and playing on Gontroller. And Episode 10 he takes on the new /warp Maze2 addition and shows off his cannoning skills. A little more talky than previous winners but he has some great stories to tell.

Take a minute to go and subscribe to his channel for more great videos and I shall sort the YouTuber tag shortly!

Also, we've finally managed to get the www.twitter.com/Gontroller Twitter account, so if you're a Twitter user go and follow us, I'll try and keep it regularly updated with Gontroller-related news and updates.