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YouTuber of the (when I remember) week(s)!

This week goes to someone who has been a regular YouTube uploader for a while however she often uploaded her videos under other sections of the forums so was not overly considered for the YouTube tag.
Loved by some, hated by others annie4u has always had a fun way with her videos, experimenting and trying different things and her own enjoyment of the process is clear. Always looking to improve so any (constructive!) feedback is always welcomed.​
In her latest video we see annie become PVP master and show us behind the scenes of Syeds weekly news updates. For that and much more be sure to take a look at her channel!​
For those looking to get into cannoning, Syed is continuing with his cannon tutorial series! Part two is out now:​

The YouTuber tag is awarded to those active and regular YouTubers who are working hard to produce awesome content for Gontroller players, the videos are not always polised by they are always looking to improve! To have a chance to have your videos promoted simply post them in the MINECRAFT MEDIA section on the forums!
Dont forget to also check out Syed and Dat_Fatass with their continuing Gontroller series'
Apologies for the delay on posting these (especially for January, oops!) but here are the voting results and raffle winners for the months of January and February.


Top 250 voters

1. dondoz - 149
2. quexzten - 147
3. xtaanqk - 145
4. modso - 144
5. optic_vithu - 144
6. isyed - 142
7. luckzoor - 142
8. fergp - 141
9. midadami - 141
10. surfred - 141
11. bahamas99 - 140
12. rtr00lz1 - 140
13. buadthan - 139
14. gandahlf - 139
15. wheatycumquats - 138
16. abboo_ - 136
17. bossbob22 - 136
18. swagmasterxl - 136
19. armdurchin - 135
20. iinoodle - 135
21. manny2206 - 135
22. seventhspiker - 135
23. barneyhd - 134
24. darkcreator5138 - 134
25. deadcoal - 134
26. ihockey31 - 134
27. 1092cq - 132
28. 2000cool1 - 132
29. bobthehouse - 132
30. byderpn - 132
31. dangermouse24 - 132
32. deldave - 132
33. hasterious - 132
34. ludragon99 - 132
35. mmurchie859 - 132
36. sportsmadman2 - 132
37. akirate1 - 131
38. brandondao - 131
39. cazualmercy - 131
40. funnycole - 131
41. hostilehunter - 131
42. ii_magicul - 131
43. jxx502 - 131
44. minicookiepizza - 131
45. motulde - 131
46. sectioned - 131
47. xtr4t3rr3str14l - 131
48. buggy502 - 130
49. cinematicvision - 130
50. code5725 - 130
51. curly_k - 130
52. evancraft11 - 130
53. hitzzzz_ - 130
54. hitzzz_ - 130
55. hoodiebong - 130
56. imperialdragon99 - 130
57. jayp1989 - 130
58. jvika - 130
59. kampvp - 130
60. michaelb100 - 130
61. minekam20 - 130
62. mrpattywaffle - 130
63. nelson_mears - 130
64. sparky10123 - 130
65. vechx3 - 130
66. venus2015 - 130
67. zachdamanparker - 130
68. __kman - 130
69. liimoliime - 129
70. 123_mineman_321 - 128
71. kfeszhn20 - 128
72. 2pownknife - 127
73. stevo1627 - 127
74. valarietheweird - 126
75. bmilla97 - 125
76. jimmy_48_5748 - 125
77. klavato - 125
78. shock_wave98 - 125
79. vordypants - 125
80. bubchilla - 124
81. o_oschlueter - 124
82. assassin2016 - 123
83. lanarc246 - 123
84. matt_films - 122
85. xaceshotz - 122
86. derka420 - 121
87. dillodlaren -...

YouTuber of the (every two) week(s)!

This weeks choice is something a little different to the usual videos, something that I was initially unsure about promoting due to it not (always) directly taking part on Gontroller, however due to the great feedback and recommendations from players and staff its worth showing it off.​
jazzophis has left the world of Twitch and taken to recording more tutorials on YouTube, truly showing off why he earned the "RedstoneGuru" prefix. In his latest series of Videos he takes on a number of redstone "Noobs" iSyed and Skeggs to teach them the ins and outs of redstone mechanics. Starting from the simple to the much more complex and how you can adapt these to make use of them on Gontroller.​

If you want to see more of Jazzes work simply type /warp Academy in-game to visit the redstone academy or just message him when you see him around. Hes always looking for build recommendations or suggestions on how (or what) to add to the academy.
(I have no idea if the YT prefix will work with the redstone guru prefix, so I guess we shall see!)
Dont forget to also check out Syed and Dat_Fatass with their continuing Gontroller series'​
We are working through a couple of issues with PayPal at the moment, so we are unable to accept PayPal payments for the next few days.

Google Wallet is still available, and we will let you know when Paypal will be available once more.

Update: After many super fun phone calls, PayPal is up and running again!

YouTuber of the week!

This week (or the last two weeks, I was busy sorry! - I may change to posting these every two weeks instead of weekly) have been a lot of fun, with staff vs players, mob arenas, some fantastic raids and of course lots of PVP!

This week rtr00lz1, a very ranged YouTuber, uploading anything from Base tours, pvp and raid videos all through to interviews with players parents (what?!) and prank calls with iSimplyDontLag
His most recent video, in which you can see him take on the staff at /north and win (then lose?!) a Buycraft coupon!​
And for a view of things from the staffs side, take a look at the quirky video uploaded by Juck to the Gontroller channel!​
If you have any of your own videos that you wish to Submit to the Gontroller channel, take a look HERE

Finally, due to popular demand (I have had many people ask!) iSyed will be the 3rd player to keep the YouTuber tag indefinitely, a very different style of Youtuber to the other two but his Gontroller news/weekly update videos have proved a very popular and entertaining for a lot of players. You can find his channel HERE

Dont forget to also check out Danishman222 (I hear hes doing some buycraft voucher giveaways!) and Dat_Fatass with their continuing Gontroller series'

YouTuber of the week!

This week brings us the chaos of name changes, an increase in forum trolls and Wolfys love for Ludragon but we continue to have some great videos uploaded daily by Gontroller players!​
This week one player stood out beyond all others, with more content in a week than I've seen uploaded from anyone else. YouBeMiner a long time uploader who is taking on the challenge of producing almost daily content and Since the last YTOTW thread he has managed to post 7 more videos!​

Always one that's happy to adjust his videos based on player feedback he has a fantastic and confident way of presenting his videos that reminds me a lot of Danishman and Dat_Fatass.

You can find his latest video here but be sure to take a look at his channel or the Minecraft Media section for more.

Other notable uploads include rtr00lz1 and his base tour of the demonic base, very different from his previous video! And jazzophis (DONT CAPITALISE HIS NAME IT MAKES BOB ANGRY!) taking his redstone stills to video, not quite on Gontroller but great to see nonetheless! :p

Dont forget to also check out Danishman222 and Dat_Fatass with their continuing Gontroller series'
The Gontroller Forge mod has now been updated to Forge 1.8 and it can be downloaded from http://gontroller.com/GontrollerMod-1.8-1.1.0.jar


The mod has the following features:
  • Colour of name above players head indicates Faction relationship
  • Players in your mcMMO party have braces around the name above their head
  • Optional proper health bars
  • Configurable distance at which health above player heads is shown

YouTuber of the week!
This week has been much more difficult than some past weeks for very different reasons, with a number of great videos being uploaded and all very different and well put together picking a winner (or winners) proved a challenge, so we've picked two names this week.​
The first LegitimateRyan who was contacted and asked to produce a video to help promote the unveiling of the mob arenas which he did fantastically alongside his regular on-going series that you can find HERE If you're looking for Tutorials and have any suggestions, be sure to let Ryan know!​
The second being one of the most well-received and rated series' that I've seen in a while. iSyed bringing together various members of the Gontroller community with a great satirical look at events on the server. This weeks special guest was none other than the famous and much loved Ferret, MontyBurly.​
A special mention to FHZR and a fantastically put together video for their raid on Krypt YouBeMiner for his regular daily series that is off to a fantastic (re)start (even if it is a little long) I just hope it can continue! (SadisticLemons also professes to like this guy, so he can only be great)​
Dont forget to also...​
YouTuber of the week!

Here we go again, another great selection of potential videos and never enough time to watch them all. This week I found myself horribly busy so with the help of iSyed (Commonly known as iSid) iSimplyDontLag I have managed to watch all the videos and pick a winner. (thanks both for their feedback!)

This week we decided to pick Trav_da_man with constant uploads and always increasing in quality and effort. Its a longer video, but the effort he's putting into looking to produce entertaining content. There are of course a few things that he could look at to improving in the future so be sure to give him some feedback and suggestions!

And a special mention of Dylan the Meerkat a newer player and YouTuber on Gontroller but starting a series that I see having great potential. I cant wait to see how he progresses. You can find his video HERE

And of course LegitimateRyan who is putting a lot of time into implementing feedback suggestions and feedback given to him by viewers to make much more appealing videos. I cant wait to see what he does next time.

Dont forget to also check out Danishman222 and Dat_Fatass with their continuing Gontroller series'

Enchanted Emerald Keys and the release of the Mob Arenas!

Today the Mob Arenas were finally released, these can be accessed through /ma j and selecting the arena you wish to play from the GUI Menu. Special thanks to jvika Gytis370 Kachow19 and Jamez432 for each of the Arenas.

With the release of the Mob Arenas, the emerald chest/keys have also had an upgrade! One of the possible rewards from the Mob arena is an Emerald Key Crystal.

These can be used in combination with a complete emerald key (And some Super-Golden "Notch" Apples) to obtain an enchanted Emerald Key.


When using an Enchanted emerald key to open the emerald chest, the rewards given are increased. You can obtain an extra 25k (75k in total) McMMO (Up to 50 per key) and double chances of the top-tier rewards. ​

The mob arenas themselves have had a slight upgrade (other than the obvious new arenas!).
- Demoman class has been removed
- Guardian renamed to "Tank" and now comes with wolves.
- All arenas have a "re-supply" wave at wave 25, to give players more supplies.
- Each round requires an average of 50 damage for a player to receive any reward.

Let us know what you think of the new arenas and the emerald key upgrades!​