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It has come to my attention that Minecraft account hijacking is rampant these days and I would hate nothing more than to login to Gontroller to find my account had been hacked and everything was gone.

Fear no more! I have developed a unique system that is designed to protect your account and stop an attacker logging into Gontroller even if they have your Minecraft account password.

So how does this system work?

You first need to purchase the 'Security Layer' option from here - http://gontroller.buycraft.net/category/12286
It is a $15 purchase which may not be for everyone, but for those who have a lot to lose it's a small price to pay for extra piece of mind!

You will then be given access to the '/security' command ingame.

You must then set a secret key using the command '/security set [yourkeyhere]' - Please make the key DIFFERENT to your Minecraft password.

From then on, you must login to Gontroller using the IP 'yourkeyhere.security.gontroller.com'.

Even if a hacker has your Minecraft account they will not know your Gontroller security key and will not be able to login to Gontroller.

inb4 other servers copy my ideas :(
I have had moderator applications open privately to current helpers for some time now and it is finally time to announce those who got promoted!

I would like to congratulate both zaxbyknight and jackdanielssawce on their new positions!

As moderators they will have access to following:
  • The ability to check players xray logs
  • The ability to perm ban, unban and unmute
  • The ability to act on some ban reports
Well done guys! :)
There are a lot of exciting updates I have planned for the server so thought I would share them all with you!

The first update planned is the launch of a new mob arena with a snow theme! The arena will feature all new waves, prizes and an extremely tough Wither boss!


We will also be bringing back the War plugin which will allow you to play capture the flag with provided kits of gear in teams.

It has also come to world expansion time meaning the main world will be expanded from it's current 16,000 x 16,000 map to 18,000 x 18,000.

Alongside the world expansion we will also be moving some of the biome portals to teleport players to fresh terrain.


You will also be seeing a few new moderators in the game very soon so keep an eye out for them :)

With the start of the month and vote reset just around the corner I have updated the voting rewards once again :)

Here are the new rewards and chances:

Default vote : $1000 and 150 xp

1 in 15 votes : 500 xp
1 in 25 votes : $1000
1 in 50 votes : $5000
1 in 75 votes : 50 Gontroller Tokens
1 in 100 votes : 100 Gontroller Tokens
1 in 125 votes : 1 Creeper spawner

You will also be pleased to hear that if you vote at least once you will no longer be spammed with other peoples vote messages, yay!

You can vote by going to our homepage @ www.gontroller.com or by visiting www.gontroller.com/vote
Many of you have asked me to outline the changes I have made versus the vanilla mcMMO so here they are :)


Skill shot max bonus damage: 200% -> 100%
Daze max chance: 50% -> 25%
Arrow retrieve max chance: 100% -> 90%


Axes max critical chance: 37.5% -> 30%
Armour impact increase level: 50 -> 100 (caps at 21 damage to armor)


Double drops max chance: 100% -> 70%


Counter attack max chance: 30% -> 25%
Counter attack max bonus level: 600 -> 1000
Counter attack damage: 100% -> 50%


Arcane forging rank levels:
Rank 1: 100 -> 250
Rank 2: 250 -> 500
Rank 3: 500 -> 750
Rank 4: 750 -> 1000

Keep enchants chance:
Rank 1: 10% -> 50%
Rank 2: 20% -> 60%
Rank 3: 30% -> 70%
Rank 4: 40% -> 80%

Downgrades chance:
Rank 1: 75% -> 30%
Rank 2: 50% -> 20%
Rank 3: 25% -> 10%
Rank 4: 15% -> 5%

Anvil: Iron block -> Emerald block
I would like to like this opportunity to wish you all a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

Obviously I will be spending time with family and friends over the next few days and will not be as active as I usually am. I will be checking in on the forums from time to time so please use that as a means to contact me if something urgent crops up.

Please do expect slight delays in responses to appeals and reports - We will all be very busy over the next few days.

Happy holidays!

I have finally (woo!) reviewed ALL of the applications on the old forums - This is our biggest recruitment wave yet. Thank you to all who applied even if you did not get chosen.

Please congratulate the following:
  • Odd_Abe
  • alex4lyf12345
  • FrostyCactus
  • Xv_GhoST103_vX
  • Algid_Giant
  • Rewster18
  • Tommmmmz
  • Issyjack9941
  • AngeloT12
  • Its_Hopeless
  • tomjoe360
If your name is above, you must register on these forums if you haven't already. You must then post your name in this thread. You only have a few days to do this before the promotion is revoked.
I will have to PM you ingame to verify it is you before promoting you.

New helpers, once you have the helper rank on the forum, see here: http://gontroller.com/forums/index.php?threads/helper-agreement-new-helpers-read-this.43/
Welcome to our shiny new forums!

I was never a fan of the MyBB forums we had before and have always wanted to switch to Xenforo. I am sure you will agree that these forums look a lot better and they offer a lot of great new features.

I decided not to transfer our old forum content over so that we could have a fresh start. The old forums will be available in read-only mode here - http://gontroller.com/oldforums

You will need to re-register,

Merry Christmas!