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We have began working on a Facebook page for Gontroller, and what better way to make it known than a coupon give-away!

There will be a $150 coupon up for grabs as the grand prize, as well as 2 $50 coupons as runner up prizes.

All you need to do to enter is like the page (found here https://www.facebook.com/gontrollerfactions) and make a comment on the status mentioning the give-away (it should be fairly obvious!) with something positive along the lines of "Gontroller ftw". Don't go commenting multiple times though, commenting more than once won't increase your chances, and may end up disqualifying you entirely.

You have until Saturday 11th July, 10pm GMT to enter, and if your name is chosen (it will be done similarly to how we choose the monthly coupon winners) you will receive a message from our Facebook page asking for your username (which you will have 1 week to reply to before we pick somebody else at random).

Good luck!
Youtuber of the Week | 8.0 | 37
With a new map comes a lot of chaos and frustration, working on bases, sorting out factions and making money. However it has been great to see all the videos submitted of the past few weeks, from base progression, PvPing to even a raid or two and we are excited to see what else is to come!

This weeks winner is an old player who is back to show off his PvP skills. Sit back and relax while you watch him take on multiple enemies at once. We hope to see more videos in the future. @Thefiresgone He's also been playing in the LMS a lot lately, so I hope to see some of that!

In addition to Fires another notable person is @rtr with his on-going and popular series following the antics of Demonic and their progress this map he has (or will be soon!) been given the [YT] Tag indefinitely as long as he keeps producing great Gontroller content for you all. (Will also be producing a wonderful frozen machinima for us all to enjoy!)

As promised in my last post, a number of players who posted videos during the time I was too busy with reset things each have been (or will be) rewarded in-game with things to help them on their progression through 8.0.
Dont forget to also check out some other videos from the past few weeks from the end of map 7 to the start of map 8!

@carter246 with his base tour from 7.0

@smallzjay with the beginning of his Gontroller series, keep it up!...
It has come to my attention that a lot of Factions have constructed large, automated farms that make use of a metric shit-load of redstone and pistons. This is having a negative impact on the server's performance (more-so than wall genning) and cannot continue.

I am not saying automated farms are not allowed, they most certainly are. However if your design makes use of a lot of redstone you need to take precautions to ensure that you are not impacting the server.

Particularly bad are designs that activate a lot of redstone/pistons etc at once for no reason. Make your farms more modular so that only the redstone that needs to activate is activated. Redstone clocks that trigger a lot of activity constantly are also a big no-no.

I am aware that conforming to this will affect your farms output but right now it's absolutely necessary.

I will be monitoring and finding 'bad' farms and switching them off whilst I continue to work on this situation.
With the reset mere hours away it's time to announce our latest set of helpers! Thank you to everyone who applied.

Congratulations to the following for receiving helper!
  • Syed
  • 2pownknife
  • MattCam
  • Kachows
  • THExMist
  • Juan_Estrada
I'm sure there will be some haters to our decisions here but it would be great if you could congratulate them all anyway :D

If your name is on the list you will soon find yourselves invited to the staff group chat on Skype where you shall received further information.
Just wanted to let you know that we are aiming for a 11:59pm UTC reset tomorrow.


Those who met the vote requirements will get about 30 minutes access before everyone else.

See you tomorrow!

Short but somewhat important update involving the appeal guidelines, we will now be allowing people to appeal for ban evasion but only if the last ban evasion was more than 12 months ago.

We understand that this might be annoying to players that have had their appeals rejected recently that meet these circumstances, however if you are in that situation you are free to appeal again - we will aim to have them sorted before the reset.

Look forward to seeing many new appeals soon

With the map reset just around the corner now we thought it would be time to release a list of all the changes we have made for the new map so far and also any changes coming shortly after reset. There is still plenty of time for new additions so do keep an eye on this thread for any updates however this should include most of it!

Thanks to Carl for typing all of this up and we look forward to seeing you on the new map next weekend!

General Changes

  • Server updated to 1.8!
    • Includes all the 1.8 features.
      • Blocks:
        • Diorite/Andesite/Granite
        • Coarse Dirt
        • Red Sand/Sandstone
        • Prismarine/Shards/bricks
        • Sea Lanterns
        • Slime Blocks
        • Variations of Fences, fence gates and doors
        • Iron Trapdoors
        • Wet Sponge
        • Barrier Blocks (Admin only!)
      • Armour stands
      • Fully customisable Banners
      • Endermites, Rabbits & Guardian Mobs.
        • Guardians drop Prismarine shards, crystals and (cooked) fish.
      • Depth Strider Enchantment.
      • 1.8 Enchanting system (Less randomness and exp used for enchants but now requires 1-3 lapis)
  • New Spawn and Shop! (Built by the Athapix build team)
    • 1.0 Spawn inspired.
    • Much more open and easier to navigate
    • Larger drop down areas for the pvp zones.
  • Spawn claims reduced in size.
  • Updated Tab-List, will now display server information.
  • Desert themed PVP Zone
    • Flat with hilly texture.
    • Medieval castle-like builds around the WarZone areas.
  • Players with /hat access (Rank sponsor and above) will now be able to do so with fully customisable banners.
  • Server view distance will now be per-player rather than server-wide.
    • Different players can have different server-side view distance.
    • Those that vote for the reward in...

YouTuber of the I suck... and updates!

I've had several people point out to me that it's been a fair while since any sort of YouTuber of the week/month/year was posted, this is both in part due to me being busy with helping out on reset plans and simple laziness. However, with Gontroller 7.0 coming to a close and 8.0 reset plans progressing well (More information soon, I'm sure!) I feel it's only fair to address this and give a little update.

As for the future plans of the YouTuber of the "..", It will be returning (Hopefully) after the reset actively keeping updated with videos posted by all users. (If I do find issues keeping up with this myself, I'll have to employ some slaves to help me out!).

The general format will remain the same, looking to find and promote those Gontroller players that show great potential within video making. Those whose videos are featured will find themselves with their videos promoted on the forums and rewarded with the [YT] prefix in game until the next player is chosen (and perhaps additional rewards along side that!) There should also hopefully be additional options in place to help you promote your videos and streams in-game.

For streamers, if you head to the "Streams" tab you can submit your channel to be added to the server list and show on the forums when streaming.

As for the remainder of map 7 and those videos posted since the last update, I will be going through those and keeping note of the names and making a list and will be sure to reward them with something useful for the start of 8.0 so be sure to get working on those end of map videos!

So, enough talking I'm sure nobody is actually reading this anymore, heres a few videos you may enjoy:

@Dat_fatass brings map 7 to an end with some north PVP, hero armour and New Years Potion. And a second...​
I have just activated double mcMMO until the map reset so now is the perfect opportunity to grind those levels ;)

This will stack with any other boost you have active.

Soon, I will also be posting a preliminary changelog for map 8 detailing all of the changes made so far and those which will come in the week or two after map reset.
Our TeamSpeak 3 server is back online and you can join using the same address as before (ts.gontroller.com). We have moved the server to a new DDoS protected host.

You can also use teamspeak.gontroller.com port 3703 if you have issues with ts.gontroller.com.

The password is the same as before.

All channels will need to be recreated.

Thanks to @1092CQ for setting it all up :)