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Gontroller PvP Forums

by Skeggs at 12:39 AM
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We are working through a couple of issues with PayPal at the moment, so we are unable to accept PayPal payments for the next few days.

Google Wallet is still available, and we will let you know when Paypal will be available once more.

Update: After many super fun phone calls, PayPal is up and running again!
by 1092CQ at 8:24 PM
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YouTuber of the week!

This week (or the last two weeks, I was busy sorry! - I may change to posting these every two weeks instead of weekly) have been a lot of fun, with staff vs players, mob arenas, some fantastic raids and of course lots of PVP!

This week rtr00lz1, a very ranged YouTuber, uploading anything from Base tours, pvp and raid videos all through to interviews with players parents (what?!) and prank calls with iSimplyDontLag
His most recent video, in which you can see him take on the staff at /north and win (then lose?!) a Buycraft coupon!

And for a view of things from the staffs side, take a look at the quirky video uploaded by Juck to the Gontroller channel!

by 1092CQ at 11:30 PM
(490 Views / 5 Likes)
YouTuber of the week!

This week brings us the chaos of name changes, an increase in forum trolls and Wolfys love for Ludragon but we continue to have some great videos uploaded daily by Gontroller players!

This week one player stood out beyond all others, with more content in a week than I've seen uploaded from anyone else. YouBeMiner a long time uploader who is taking on the challenge of producing almost daily content and Since the last YTOTW thread he has managed to post 7 more videos!

Always one that's happy to adjust his videos based on player feedback he has a fantastic and confident way of presenting his videos that reminds me a lot of Danishman and Dat_Fatass.

You can find his latest video here but be sure to take a look at his channel or the Minecraft Media section for more.
by Bestle at 7:52 PM
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The Gontroller Forge mod has now been updated to Forge 1.8 and it can be downloaded from http://gontroller.com/GontrollerMod-1.8-1.1.0.jar


The mod has the following features:
  • Colour of name above players head indicates Faction relationship
  • Players in your mcMMO party have braces around the name above their head
  • Optional proper health bars
  • Configurable distance at which health above player heads is shown
by 1092CQ at 9:10 PM
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YouTuber of the week!

This week has been much more difficult than some past weeks for very different reasons, with a number of great videos being uploaded and all very different and well put together picking a winner (or winners) proved a challenge, so we've picked two names this week.

The first LegitimateRyan who was contacted and asked to produce a video to help promote the unveiling of the mob arenas which he did fantastically alongside his regular on-going series that you can find HERE If you're looking for Tutorials and have any suggestions, be sure to let Ryan know!

The second being one of the most well-received and rated series' that I've seen in a...