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by 1092CQ at 9:24 PM
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As I'm sure you're all aware, its Easter. I have become the Easter bunny Starting in around 40 minutes (Dont expect us to be on time!) myself and several other staff members are going to be running various mini-events to give you all a chance to win lots of Easter prizes! (I hear there is a buycraft code in there also...)

The exact methods that each item will be given out shall be announced in-game shortly before, so be prepared for anything!

Good luck, have fun and Happy Easter.
by Bestle at 8:54 PM
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The new ban appeal system is now live and the revised guidelines can be viewed here:


Appeals can be submitted using the following form:

by Bestle at 9:39 PM
(665 Views / 13 Likes)
Another update, and hopefully good news for some of you! Faction titles are now available once again. Titles are great for assigning your Faction members roles or whatever :p

You can set a players title with /f title [playername] [title]

This title will show in both /f show and when you chat in Faction chat.


Above are what the titles look like ingame.

Titles must only contain regular letters, numbers and underscores and most be no longer than 10 characters.
by Skeggs at 7:37 PM
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We have just re-enabled the Stripe payment gateway as we know that many of you have requested an alternative to Paypal.

This will allow you to make purchases with many types of prepaid cards, as well as being an option for some of you who do not have access to PayPal (or in some cases, hate Paypal :D).
by Bestle at 2:39 PM
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We have always been extremely strict on this server where ban appeals are concerned and it is rare for anyone to get unbanned for any reason. We feel that keeping cheaters permanently away from the server after being caught was the right thing to do.

It is clear however that the majority of the community feel that our rules are too strict and players should be eligible for an unban providing they have learnt their lesson and changed for the better.

For this reason, the "no second chance ever" rule is going to be lifted and players who meet certain criteria will be able to appeal and have a shot at an unban.

So who can appeal?
  • Players who have served at least 3 months of a permanent ban
  • Players who have perhaps ban evaded once, but not committed any other new offences (other than the evading itself)
  • Players who can show and prove that they their attitudes have changed and that they will not be caught offending again
Naturally, there are some...