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Gontroller PvP Forums

by Bestle at 5:28 PM
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Last Man Standing | Dungeon Labyrinth

You all seemed to love the addition of THExMist maze's at /maze1 and /maze2 but for me, there was always missing something. A true labyrinth, a tri-wizard level maze and something with danger at every corner that not only required one to find their way through the maze itself but battle both players and monsters as they explore.

When: Sunday 2nd November!
To enter you need to make sure you reach at least 50 votes this month!

How it will run:

When you join the arena, you will be randomly teleported to one of the four corners, from there you will have a 30 second period where PVP will be disabled allowing for everyone to have a chance to spread out and prepare for...
by 1092CQ at 11:44 PM
(305 Views / 2 Likes)

YouTuber of the week!

Hi im Carl and welcome to the 23rd week of Gontrollers YouTuber of the week. Today I posted it on time so I don't have to pretend to have a reason for being late!

This weeks video is something a little different, whilst we all know I am clearly the best PVPer on Gontroller, there are many little, hidden and unknown mechanics within Minecraft that a lot of people are entirely unaware of. Many of these are often vital factors that play a huge part in the success of any Minecraft player. Such as the difference between Fire Aspect levels, the advantage of Critical hits..etc.

iSyed takes on the challenge of exploring and explaining a number of these factors in his new series. "PVP IN DEPTH"

by 1092CQ at 4:53 PM
(701 Views / 4 Likes)

YouTuber of the week!

A day late again, but as long as nobody notices its fine! Apologies for the delay once again, I've been busy downloading, exporting, importing, uploading and setting up all the Mob Arena build submissions. Winners should be announced soon!

Two winners again this week, both videos a little longer than what I woud usually enjoy but both notable events that happened on the server.

The first iSyed takes on wolfywolfypower and her Mob-Arena challenge, outlasting all other competators whilst having to deal with the dreaded Juck97 and his Kit-Kat commentary. A little diffrent to his usual strange Montage videos but a great way to show himself taking on the AlienPlanet Mob Arena.

The second xAlxBry and a number of Gontroller players take up...
by 1092CQ at 1:36 AM
(968 Views / 4 Likes)

Recently, as I'm sure you've seen we were able to obtain the Gontroller Twitter account. (Thanks to

We'll be using this account to post updates, news and all other server-related information in a way easily accessible to players. This will be the place to find out about any immediate server issues and all updates as they happen. The account will be primarily run by myself and Bestle with other staff having access when necessary.

To help push this we'll be running a $100 buycraft giveaway to one randomly picked Twitter follower so be sure to follow

To enter: Simply follow the Twitter and tweet to @...
by Bestle at 12:14 AM
(761 Views / 3 Likes)
Thank you once again for everyone that supported us this month by voting for us on the various voting websites, it really is appreciated and your efforts certainly do not go unrewarded :)

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