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by Bestle at 2:39 PM
(3,687 Views / 51 Likes)
We have always been extremely strict on this server where ban appeals are concerned and it is rare for anyone to get unbanned for any reason. We feel that keeping cheaters permanently away from the server after being caught was the right thing to do.

It is clear however that the majority of the community feel that our rules are too strict and players should be eligible for an unban providing they have learnt their lesson and changed for the better.

For this reason, the "no second chance ever" rule is going to be lifted and players who meet certain criteria will be able to appeal and have a shot at an unban.

So who can appeal?
  • Players who have served at least 3 months of a permanent ban
  • Players who have not been ban evading
  • Players who can show and prove that they their attitudes have changed and that they will not be caught offending again
Naturally, there are some players who we simply do not want back on the server at all, and any player banned...
by Bestle at 2:52 AM
(816 Views / 10 Likes)
The following blocks will now drop with an 85% chance when exploded by TNT:
  • Hopper
  • Beacon
  • Emerald Block
  • Diamond Block
  • Gold Block
  • Iron Block
  • Quartz Block
This change was an expansion of the one suggested here http://www.gontroller.com/community/threads/ability-to-tnt-hoppers-and-keep-them.29924/

Hopefully this makes all of your hard work raiding a base even more rewarding and should also encourage you to protect those valuables even more! :)
by Bestle at 5:59 PM
(592 Views / 0 Likes)
A late one this month unfortunately, it took 1092CQ longer than usual to count up all of the votes by hand!

optic_vithu, tigersleep, tzr_chaos and xiviper will each receive a $25 Buycraft coupon for being the top voters this month, and our randomly chosen winner of the $100 coupon is clint__flicker.

You will all be receiving your coupons through the ingame mail system shortly :)

The top 200 voters:
1    optic_vithu    159
2    tigersleep    158
3    tzr_chaos    158
4    xiviper    158
5    i_lovecookies    157
6    cheezybubble    154
7    mcshitty    154
8    donqixot    151
9    petesupreme    151
10    xkennyz    150
11    evancraft11    148
12    pingypongy1    148
13    seanbibb    148
14    ludragon99    147
15    imperialdragon99    146
16    melonthefarm    146
17    br3akzz    145
18    gandahlf    145
19    lewzhihong    145
20    thepussinator    145
21    cjthehealer    144
22    idontlikeyou2    144
23    nickzac123    144
24    oli_c    144
by Bestle at 5:26 PM
(1,488 Views / 52 Likes)
Increasing the maximum number of members per Faction seems to be a fairly popular suggestion right now so thought I would create a topic to discuss the change.

I am thinking that we should increase the maximum number of players per Faction to 30 but also limit the maximum power of a Faction to 400.

This would mean a Faction of 30 members could make use of up to a +100 combined powerboost from all of their members.

What do you think?
by Bestle at 4:24 PM
(1,397 Views / 9 Likes)
The last staff vs players event seemed to be fairly well received so we shall be hosting another, today!

As before, each staff member taking part will be given some awesome loot so if - or most likely when we die, you will be rewarded!

This will take part at the north side of spawn and into the ravine. You can get here easily by using "/north"

10pm GMT / 11pm BST (use a converter for your local timezones)

Staff confirmed to be taking part
  • Bestle
  • Skeggs
  • 1092CQ
  • juck97
  • LiimoLiime
  • Dat_Sweater
  • wolfywolfypower
  • tomjoe360
  • Delta_Trooper