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Gontroller PvP Forums

by Bestle at 4:41 AM
(1,962 Views / 28 Likes)
It has been an absolutely crazy weekend since the map reset and I hope you are all enjoying the new map!

On reset day, we hit a record for the most users we have ever had online at once, which is absolutely crazy.

I have been working behind the scenes mostly all weekend trying to resolve any lag issues that have cropped up or any problems with plugins. The server has generally been running at a very smooth 19+TPS even when capped which is a good sign.

In order to make up for the lost week of votes, I will be enabling double voting sometime on Monday for a week to allow you to catch up and earn those rewards.

We will be trawling through the issues you have posted on the forums over the next few days but please bear in mind that priority #1 right now is to keep the server running smoothly.

Thank you for being such a great community and sticking with us :)
by Juck97 at 10:44 PM
(678 Views / 4 Likes)

After the break, we're back and catching up with the past few weeks. 3 weeks = 3 winners so here we go!

In order to encourage you guys, I'd like you to know that previous winners, such as JollyRanchero, have received prizes such as free rank upgrades for winning!

I would firstly like to remind people that I only look at the videos that have been posted to the Media section unless you send it specifically to me. 3 weeks has brought over 8 pages of videos.... That was fun to look through haha!

As we have 3 winners I will give a brief rundown of each one. Firstly we have the almighty High_Soci3ty with his consistent dirty raid videos which everyone seems to make love to. Well done you scrub:

Next up, the almighty Throne_ for yet again more raids! There is...
by Bestle at 12:58 AM
(7,095 Views / 22 Likes)
Work behind the scenes on map 6 is going well, just a few more tweaks and plugin rewrites to go :D

As long as no crazy issues pop up, the map will be resetting Friday 18th July at 11:30pm BST.

A countdown to this can be found here: http://itsalmo.st/#gontrollerpvpmap6
by Bestle at 3:43 AM
(2,856 Views / 0 Likes)
Just wanted to let you know that moving to map 6, ALL factions data is lost.

Please be prepared to reinvite people etc