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by 1092CQ at 12:52 AM
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YouTuber of the week!

Here we go again, another great selection of potential videos and never enough time to watch them all. This week I found myself horribly busy so with the help of iSyed (Commonly known as iSid) iSimplyDontLag I have managed to watch all the videos and pick a winner. (thanks both for their feedback!)

This week we decided to pick Trav_da_man with constant uploads and always increasing in quality and effort. Its a longer video, but the effort he's putting into looking to produce entertaining content. There are of course a few things that he could look at to improving in the future so be sure to give him some feedback and suggestions!

And a special mention of Dylan the Meerkat a newer player and YouTuber on Gontroller but starting a series that I see having great potential. I cant...
by 1092CQ at 5:06 PM
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Enchanted Emerald Keys and the release of the Mob Arenas!

Today the Mob Arenas were finally released, these can be accessed through /ma j and selecting the arena you wish to play from the GUI Menu. Special thanks to jvika Gytis370 Kachow19 and Jamez432 for each of the Arenas.

With the release of the Mob Arenas, the emerald chest/keys have also had an upgrade! One of the possible rewards from the Mob arena is an Emerald Key Crystal.

These can be used in combination with a complete emerald key (And some Super-Golden "Notch" Apples) to obtain an enchanted Emerald Key.


When using an Enchanted emerald key to open the emerald chest, the rewards given are increased. You can obtain an extra 25k (75k in total) McMMO (Up to 50 per key) and double chances of the top-tier...
by 1092CQ at 10:11 AM
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YouTuber of the week!
A day late this week, my apologies I simply forgot whilst being busy with other non-minecraftian things!

This weeks YouTuber of the week is going to be a little different. I have mentioned in the past few threads that we are starting to look for a select few YouTubers who will be selected to keep the [YT] Tag indefinitely, players who REGULARLY post high-quality entertaining videos. (Of course, should the player stop uploading videos the tags will be removed)

Its always difficult selecting these, even more so when picking those who will keep the tags for an extended time however based on player-feedback there are two clear YouTubers who have always produced fantastic content for the server.

The first is Danishman222 and his regular series is always of fantastic quality, a great commentator who never fails to have something entertaining to talk about as he progresses...
by 1092CQ at 10:02 PM
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YouTuber of the week!

Sadly this week I've been horribly busy, not had as much time to watch submitted videos as I would have liked, however Kayora came to the rescue offering to take a look for me and give me his feedback on the submissions.

For this week he picked K1LL3R_M3N and his recent pvp epic, much longer than most usual pvp videos, so its great for those of you who enjoy watching these fights. For myself, whilst I enjoyed many of the fights I did find the video a little long for my personal taste (remember, I'm not a pvp fan!) but Bloom seemed to really enjoy that aspect of it. This is only his second posted pvp video (and his first one on Gontroller!) so a fantastic start.

A few other notable mentions:...
by 1092CQ at 1:57 AM
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YouTuber of the week!

For the past few weeks I had put making these threads on hold, both due to reduced numbers of uploads from players due to the end of map/reset and a realisation of some extreme flaws with the concept as a whole.

A few things we had been noticing and was ultimately highlighted by Kachow19 is that with less players uploading regular content the same core group of video makers were starting to win every time and it had become less of a "YouTuber of the week" and more a "which of these did I not pick recently" Which simply becomes unfair to players as a whole.

In reflection of this we will be looking to make a few core changes to the concept.
1 - YouTuber of the week will no longer be only a stand out video of a nice quality, but will also look to promote new video...