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Gontroller PvP Forums

by 1092CQ at 11:35 PM
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YouTuber of the week!

This week within the Minecraft Media seems to have been heavily dominated by WCC v's Ghosts, an interesting rivalry that seems to have yet produced any actual success but a lot of attempts and chat warriors!

As such, I found myself stuck trying to pick between two videos, both showing great merit and having different advantages that I really liked... one being a member of WCC and the other being a member of Ghosts.

Should I end this and prove who is better once and for all? No, I have decided to award them both instead!

#1 - xAlxBry A very nicely put together pvp video with wonderful music to boot (however, It did make me rather sleepy!) a great display on General Gontroller-themed PVP at Spawn and of course resulting in a great reward at the end. A little long for someone who's not generally a fan of PVP-based videos but the...
by Bestle at 7:08 PM
(636 Views / 4 Likes)
Voting for the 2014 awards is now live and voting will be open for a period of 7 days.

You can vote in each category by following the link below:

There are certain restrictions on who and who cannot vote on the polls in order to try and restrict boosting. Anyone caught asking for votes or cheating in any way will be perm banned from the server.

Get voting :)
by Bestle at 7:43 PM
(4,216 Views / 21 Likes)
The time has come to retire some of our current Mob Arena's and refresh the lineup, we will therefore be hosting a competition to design and build some new ones!

Rules for entry
  • The arena must contain a lobby (where players choose their classes), a spectator area (with room for the scoreboard) and the arena itself. Check out our current arenas to get an idea of the sizes required.
  • The arena must be built to a consistent theme. You can choose any theme you want.
  • Try and keep the internal size of the arena to no more than 75x75x20 blocks (LxWxH)
To submit an entry you need to post screenshots or a video of the arena on this thread with a brief description, and then send a schematic/world link to myself via forum PM.

As staff, we will be picking the best two arenas and adding them into the game. Each winner will receive $125 in Buycraft coupons for use on our store (you can split this coupon up if you built as a team).

We want to give you guys plenty...
by 1092CQ at 7:05 PM
(774 Views / 6 Likes)

YouTuber of the week! Catchup.

With the recent incarceration of Juck97 into educational slavery, he has asked that myself and wolfywolfypower keep running the "Youtuber of the week" for all you budding YouTube superstars.

Due to the few weeks that Juck was absent/unable to keep up with these we have a few winners to hopefully keep us up to date with those that were missed!

Winner #1
Kayora and his video of the Staff V's Players pvp event, great to see the event from the perspective of the staff members, whilst I may have taken part within many of these now it was awesome to see from the view of someone with a little more skill at fighting than myself!

by BarneyHD at 4:35 PM
(1,979 Views / 15 Likes)
This coming up weekend on Saturday September 20th Aliens will be hosting an unofficial PVP event which will be taking place at /north or in the ravine.
Event: Each member of Aliens will be jumping out at north with a Creeper spawner or 2 Enderman spawners on them. Allies and truces will be permitted to neutral during the event so it can be fun for everyone. We will be fully geared and ready to PVP so be prepared :)

Time: The event is planned for 9:00pm GMT to be suitable to get most of our members online at once (Australian to Swedish)

The following will be found scattered through the inventories of those members participating:

Monster Spawners are 2 more Enderman